Would you like to host an “Ignite with Melissa” talk in your country or city? My mission is to support you connecting to your true value, worth and inner intuitive guidance. This connection will allow you to ignite from within the empowerment needed to build and sustain a life of purpose, creativity, joy and love.

Available Workshops

The Conscious Leader - Mindfulness in the Workplace

In today's information overload climate the importance of practicing mindfulness and other holistic practices has become crucial for optimal well being and vitality. The ripple effect of these positive changes can also support the balance, productivity and enjoyment in our work life. The Conscious Leader workshop offers fundamental tools to improve the leadership in your company so that your team and executives learn self-guidance techniques, increase productivity, concentration and peace of mind.

Through multiple modalities such as conscious breath work, meditation and on-the-go implementable mindful tools, your team will have have new access points from within to ignite the empowerment and openness for stronger individual leadership, clear communication, collaboration, morale and company culture. 



Shine Circle is an out-of-the-box experience that invites all participants to discover the subtle wisdom and guidance dwelling within them. This unique event offers those of all meditation backgrounds (including none!) to connect, explore and ignite a refreshed and balanced relationship to self with the support and energetic power of a collective community and space.

Melissa offers guided meditations connecting each participant to their own Intuitive Guidance - this allows creativity to be unleashed, clarity to be received and new parts of self to be explored. Shine Circle can be adapted specifically for the culture and needs of your community.

This 60-minute interactive experience includes a myriad of breath work, movement sharing and meditation (guided and/or self-led). Melissa will work with you and your team to create the perfect setting of intimacy, creativity and inspiration for an unforgettable and impactful community event. Participants will walk away inspired, walking their paths of purpose with clarity and groundedness.


Utilizing self reflection, movement and meditation as a catalyst for mindset growth and self-empowerment, this workshop supports participants designing their next chapter from their wisest space within: their intuition. Participants will be invited to explore the inner space of self and come face-to-face with all parts of that self (shadow and light) with deep intimacy and compassion. Igniting the liberation to make new choices that are  in alignment of one’s true purpose, passions and calling. Sustaining this new intention with practices of radical self care, sacredness and divine love.

The Conscious Creative

Journeying into yourself: An integrated healing  experience with Melissa Carter


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This is just a sampling of the workshops I have available! Please get in touch and I can custom design a workshop to meet your community needs.