Leading life from your intuitive voice & core values with sustainably empowerment and practicality.

A interactive workshop offering tools and methods for participants to clear out perceived truths and limiting expectations for an entirely new and empowered way of being and how to sustain that connection!

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  • stuck harboring a daily narrative that drains your energy, ability to heal old wounds, learn their wisdom and move on powerfully?
  • pulled to put everyone else’s needs before your own?
  •  struggling to implement the actions needed to move forward powerfully and confidently?
  • ready to surrender your “play it safe” mentality and rise into who you are truly capable of being?
  • unsure how to get started?


BE YOUR OWN MEDICINE is a 3 hour live interactive experience. In this sacred space you will explore the deep inner pieces holding you back from SHINING your life out loud. Throughout our time together I will guide you through self-inventory exercises, group open sharing, meditations and conscious breathing techniques to open up a new pathway of understanding, acceptance and empowerment to heal old wounds while implementing the right next steps to get you into sustainable & creative action around your current desires and dreams.

• clarity of inner storylines and narratives holding you back from aligning with your best self.
• energy and mindset management tools to sustain daily empowerment as you carve out your path of purpose.
• new found confidence to communicate your needs and boundaries to your community.
• mindset shifting tools to take off the pressure as you manifest your desires with love, confidence, and bold action.
• connection to the intuitive intelligence of your heart as your new life compass and ally.


So what does it mean to “Be Your Own Medicine”? It means to experience the inner space of self and come face-to-face with all parts of that self with deep intimacy and compassion. Exploration of one’s layers offers access to revelations that can quiet the disempowered mind chatter we define ourselves with and faulty perceptions we create of our world allowing the liberation to make new choices that are founded in alignment of one’s true purpose. Utilizing the direction from the greatest inner compass a person has; intuition.

This workshop offers tools to help participants master connecting with their intuitive voice, how to locate it, listen to it and act upon it!

Course content includes:

  • my intimate story share
  • group writing exercises on connecting with your own intuitive guidance and how to use it’s wisdom in daily life
  •  intuitive movement exercises to explore boundaries and ignite creativity
  • a guided meditation to connect you to your highest state of being and how to sustain that connection
  • conscious breathe work techniques to support groundedness when the intensity of life kicks in.
  • live Q&A

This one-of-a-kind experience will leave your community inspired to connect in, explore and jump-start a refreshed and balanced relationship to self and sing their heart's song out loud. What's more, they will leave knowing what courageous actions are needed to help them achieve their goals, desires and dreams straight away.

Participants will gain new tools to:

  • create a stronger personal AND sustainable self reliance
  • identify what is and is not their true core values, how to tell the difference and strengthen their relationship to truth
  • communicating boundaries, desires and needs out into their community
  • identify limiting beliefs , safely dive into them while understanding their lesson, and move through them for good.
  • More confidence to make bold requests of themselves and others
  • Understand the shadow vs. light parts of self and and create balance within
  • reframe their daily story at any time when life throws adversity and challenges along their path

I look forward to sharing a warm and enlightening experience with you and your community. May we turn on our shine and ignite the lives of purpose this world so desperately needs us to live.



Melissa Carter is the founder of "IGNITE WITH MELISSA", LLC. She holds an MBA and is a former music industry corporate executive. Re-igniting herself as a Intuitive Guide, Coach, & Kundalini Reiki Master was like coming home after a long trip away. After years of morbid obesity preventing her from tying her own shoes, depression, addiction, suicidal thinking, failed relationships, and a core belief system of not being "good enough," Melissa embarked on a mind, body and spirit journey that inspired a career, spiritual and life transformation. Melissa recreated her whole life from the inside out. She now pays forward what she believes is a second chance at life through her Intuitive Guidance practice. Through her three-step approach to life, Melissa is confident that you can transform YOUR life to be anything you want as long as you BELIEVE.COMMIT.LIVE with love, integrity, faith, dedication, and gratitude.

Back in May of 2016, Melissa put her belongings in storage and said goodbye to her life in Brooklyn, NY to take on life as a global digital nomad, Intuitive Guide & Speaker. She has traveled to eight different countries since then sharing her heart, story and tools she used to transform her life through workshops, blogging, readings, meditation gatherings and talks focused on sustainable self-empowerment and care. She is currently living in Bali and writing her first book. She is committed to Suicide Prevention Advocacy and inspiring as many people as possible to connect with their true value, purpose, creativity and lead from there: LOVE.