Melissa helps you heal and lead from the inside out.

She values the unique talents & gifts within you and guides you to meet that part. As a result, you cannot be small with her and then really impact the world in the way you should.

-Dr. Michelle Thompson
Academic and Legal Coach
Brooklyn , New York
Working with Melissa has been a life changing experience.

She challenged me to look at life from a different perspective ultimately supporting me get out of my own way. Fear was blocking me from living the life I wanted and achieving my goals. Melissa helped me to embody my own power and master the tools needed to transform the narrative holding me back from writing my next life chapter.  A chapter I absolutely love.

- Melanie Zachariades, UX/Product Manager
New York City 
Melissa helped me to connect to the greater picture trying to manifest itself into my life.

She worked with me to heal and be free of anything no longer serving me. I've never met a healer like her before who has so much knowledge, skills and most importantly the wisdom and empathy to apply all of those in order to heal in the deepest sense. I am now confidently building the life I always wanted! -

-Marion Mai - Xi, 
Yoga Teacher
Munich, Germany 
Working with Melissa jump-started me on the most outrageously fulfilling connection to myself and my spiritual gifts.

I have never been so encouraged, so supported, and so inspired in this work. She believes in you -- at your CORE of being -- from Day 1, and it's so clear in her dedication to her work and relationships.

- Catherine Duennebier, Teacher/Writer
Brooklyn, New York 
Melissa is an incredible supporter and intuitive. Our work together helped me find my power.

She holds space for those things that I was resisting and avoiding and showed me them with love. There's no way out but in. Another incredible thing about Melissa is that she walks the walk. She is jumping into her courage just as she encourages me to. It inspiring to see how she is also willing to be uncomfortable and do the work needed to expand her life.

 -- Tyra Pirbhai, Writer
Vancouver,​ BC
As soon as we started I was able to surrender, Melissa made me feel like no matter what I felt and experienced, it was okay and I could let myself fall.

I trusted her completely. Through the combination of professionalism and spirituality I discovered things that I didn't expect and uncovered ways to heal, unblock, and open up to more self-love.

- Jasmin Schweizer, Blogger at Beyondmymat.de

Bali, Indonesia

Working with Melissa made me feel empowered and like anything was possible.

In thinking about my life, I went from "This is as good as it gets" to "The best is yet to come!"

- Yatta Robinson - Dallas, Texas