Mastermind Group with Melissa Carter

Next Series Launch Date:

March 2018 - Accepting applications now. 

Only 10 spots available

  • Do you feel stuck on a see-saw of doubt?
  • Are you afraid to explore your true self, for fear of being seen in an unconventional way?
  • Are you struggling to find your sense of purpose?
  • Are you yearning to discover and connect to the best of yourself?
  • Do you want learn new tools to self- heal the parts of you keeping you from being your best self?
  • Are you tired of being distracted by limiting beliefs and the opinions of others?
  • Are you ready to design your next life chapter from a place of radical self love and deep inner connection?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, are ready to invest in owning what you want, holding yourself accountable and unapologetically living your life out loud - this mastermind group is for you! CLICK HERE to learn more and apply for your spot!

As a participant of the SHINE Mastermind course, you will implement sustainable energy management tools to help  leap into purpose. This sacred experience will require a high level of accountability, but with ample support and guidance along the way. You will tap into your intuition and create a spiritual blueprint to become the master of your mind, body and soul. Turn your passions into tangible contributions - live your truth and spread your light throughout the world.

You will walk away with:

  • Awareness of when you are leading from a disempowered rather than empowered place, so that you may reframe and rewire your thinking
  • A daily system of sacred self care, love and compassion to foster sustainable connection to your highest state and purpose
  • Clear and communicable boundaries with others and self
  • Tools to heal past wounds and traumas via your own intuitive guidance
  • Freedom to express your creative heart and build the roadmap for an empowered life
  • Connection to your truth and higher self - point your internal compass back in!

I will give you the sustainable energy management tools to SHINE, tap into your intuitive gifts and start living your true purpose. Everything you need to live a life that you love and are proud of is already within you. We will unleash the wisdom of your soul to create your next life chapter as you were meant to live it!

What you can expect from this Mastermind Group:

  • “Ignite Your Spark” self-paced home course: eight unique lessons and homework assignments to explore your own intuitive intelligence and implement tools of empowerment, with E-mail support
  • Four 45-minute, 1:1 Intuitive Guidance/energy healing sessions with Melissa
  • Eight SHINE Mastermind group “Empowerment and Accountability” calls
  • Personalized monthly meditation recording based on group needs and desires
  • Accountability partner from SHINE program
  • Private Facebook group with fellow Mastermind members: a like-minded network of community leaders and partners, and a platform for sharing and receiving guidance/support

Join me for this  exploration of self experience with built-in support and accountability as a catalyst to shine your next life chapter out loud!

Your Mastermind Coach

Melissa Carter

Melissa Carter is the founder of IGNITE WITH MELISSA, LLC. She holds an MBA and is a former music industry executive turned  Spiritual Minister, Intuitive Guide, Kundalini Reiki Master and Mindfulness Mindset Coach. After years of morbid obesity, depression, failed relationships and a fractured core belief system, Melissa embarked on a 150-pound weight loss journey that inspired transformations in her career, spirituality and daily life. Melissa recreated herself from the inside out, and she now pays forward what she believes is a second chance at life through her Intuitive Guidance practice. Using her three-step approach, Melissa is confident that you can transform your life into anything you choose, so long as you BELIEVE, COMMIT and LIVE with love, integrity, faith, dedication and gratitude.

In May of 2016, Melissa put her belongings in storage and said goodbye to her life in Brooklyn, New York to take on one as a global digital nomad, Intuitive Guide and speaker. She has since traveled to ten different countries, sharing her story and tools she used to transform her life and self care through workshops, blogging, readings and meditation gatherings. She currently splits her time between Bali and Miami and is writing her first book. Melissa is committed to suicide prevention advocacy, and hopes to inspire individuals to connect with their true values and lead from love.

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Investment Options:

Early Bird: (4) monthly payments of $489

After Early Bird: (4) monthly payments of $579

Group calls only option: (4) monthly payments of $379

One Time payment: $2099

Additional payment plans available


Space is limited to 10 women, so not all applications will be accepted. Expect a response within 24 hours of applying - you may be asked to have a short Connection Call with Melissa before enrollment is approved.