Private 1:1 Coaching

All sessions are unique to the connection created between Melissa and her clients. A wide range of Transformational Coaching, Intuitive Guidance and Energy work are often used throughout each session, rather than being limited to a single modality.*


Intuitive Guidance

(individual sessions and deep dive intensives available)

Melissa will use her unique gift of heightened intuition to lend a deeper understanding to what your heart and soul are asking of you to create. She will provide insight as to what may be limiting your current life experience, and help you walk away with implementable empowered actions to move more consciously towards these desires. You will practice connecting with your own Intuitive Guidance, so that you may access your unique gifts and brilliances moving forward. This coaching option is currently offered as a in person & virtual session and includes an mp3 of content upon request.


Transformational Coaching

(60-day commitment required)

The foundation of all transformation and purpose-driven progress is supported by personalized strategies of self care, action, accountability and reflection. Melissa’s fun and unique coaching style confronts any and everything preventing you from walking your truest path. She will help you shake off the muck of negative narratives, past experiences and limiting beliefs. You will then be given tools to reframe your inner dialogue and boundaries with others and self. Breath work, meditation and reflective strategies will help you fully commit to the role of your best self.

Client Love

Melissa helps you heal and lead from the inside out. 

She values the unique talents & gifts within you and guides you to meet that part. As a result, you cannot be small with her and then really impact the world in the way you should.

-Dr. Michelle Thompson
Academic and Legal Coach
Brooklyn , New York

Melissa has been a supportive, guiding force in my desire to be truly seen and more connected with my inner knowing.

She has been just the gentle push I needed to come out of my spiritual closet and learn to let my light shine. I am grateful.

-Kanani Briggs, Atlanta, Georgia 

Business & Life Strategist 

Working with Melissa has been a spiritually transformative experience. 

She has helped me trust myself and reframe some serious tough hurdles. If you want to own your world and do it with 100% love, book a session with Melissa today! 

-Kim Calichio, Queens, New York

Founder /Chef - The Connected Chef 

Energy Work

(individual sessions and deep dive intensives available) 

Ignite a higher state of being. This radiantly-charged healing and “Aha!” producing session explores and shifts imbalances and blockages within your chakra system. Melissa will work with you to understand the root of these blockages, so they may be cleared away for complete cleansing and healing. From there you can grow a new relationship to self, based on exploration, gentleness, compassion and love. This work is especially crucial during periods of great transition, or when you are at a crossroads. At the end of each session, Melissa will offer a download of what was received - take the wisdom unearthed in your body and foster your own self-healing capabilities in a sustainable way. This coaching option is currently offered in person and as a virtual session and includes an mp3 of content upon request.

*Energy Work services include Kundalini Reiki, Intuitive Guidance & Conscious Breath Work.

**For full embodiment and long-term benefits, purchasing a Transformational Coaching Package is suggested**