From my heart to yours:

If no one told you today…right here, right now, you are enough. You have value. You are loved. You are important. You are not alone.

More love always,



The Mission for love project is a homage to a very dark but transformative time in my life, and only by igniting and sustaining radical self-LOVE within was I able to move through it. For most of my life, I have been in a tug of war battle with depression and suicidal thinking. Back in 2011, the daily struggle felt unbearable and never-ending. I was ready to end my life. It was my community, particularly my uncle, that jumped in, and not only clothed me in love and support, but gave me the resources I needed to redesign a healthy narrative with my life. Thanks to my community’s unwavering belief, love, and devotion for me, I was able to get help and transform my life from the inside out.

I now pay that blessing forward.

It has become my mission to inspire you to connect with your true value, highest state of being, and personal intuitive guidance. I travel the world, sharing my story to ignite inspiration, courage, and the empowerment from within needed to live a life of purpose, creativity, passion and love.

A life you deserve.

Every item, sold and worn with gratitude, sends a reminder to yourself and out into the world how powerful LOVE is. It is my hope you will wear Mission for Love Apparel as a reminder to always reach for your higher self, connect with your community, and shine your incredible light out into the world.

The world needs you.

In 2016, I traveled for one year to 10 different countries, sharing my story and tools of transformation through talks, workshops, meditation gatherings and eCourses. Each shirt’s message of love is a lesson I either learned or affirmed in each country.

Thank you for supporting Mission for Love - 20% of monthly proceeds will be split between two powerful organizations also doing Suicide Prevention Advocacy that I am currently partnered with and support. founded by my good friend Tamlin Hall is a "Movie + Art Initiative for teens to help discuss mental health and prevent suicide through art". iAmHoldenOn promotes acceptance, generosity, and compassion

 It Gets Brighter, a powerful organization based at Oxford University that is not only helping to raise awareness about mental health issues to combat stigma, but also generates resources and creative spaces for those suffering.

I am proud to be their ambassador and supporter.

Happy shopping!

Available Styles and Inspiration:

Rooted in Love - Miami

By the age of 12, I lost both my parents to illness. My aunt and uncle in Miami, Florida took in my sister and me without hesitation. They provided me with every resource, support, and encouragement I needed to live a happy, full and empowered life. I was unable to see this love for a very long time. Because I was hurting so much, I was unable to connect and communicate my emotions and feelings. They always stuck by me, even through some very difficult and disempowered life choices. Last year, before I left the US for my solo trip around the world, spending time with each member of my family and close friends felt incredibly grounding. It was the comfort of home that inspired me to live a bolder and more authentic life no matter how scary and uncomfortable it felt -- especially knowing that back home, I have a very loud and beautiful cheering section. To be rooted in yourself is an expansive, transformative, and never-ending abundance of peace is waiting for you. A peace you will never lose again.

Where do you feel most rooted in love? My wish is that every time you wear this message of love you are reminded that your greatest home is within you.

Untamed Creative - England

England has become a second spiritual home to me. It is a part of the world in which I feel most creatively alive and untamed in that creativity. The culture, the vibrant uniqueness of England always reaffirms that my greatest superpower is that I am me! My individuality is celebrated, and being a bit of weirdo is actually superb.

I stay with very dear friends out in Windsor every time I visit. They encourage a level of authenticity from me that is refreshing, inspiring, and confronting. It was in England that I opened myself up to fully live as my creative and spiritual self with all my woo-woo bells and whistles -- to own my geekiness, and truly embrace, with deep acceptance, the sensitive soul I am.

To the Hauldren Family. Thank you for being you. You are my favorite Superhero Weirdos.

My wish every time you wear this message of love is that you are inspired to show up for life in your truest form, regardless of judgement or fear of not being accepted. Wear your INDIVIDUALITY flag with pride. The world needs your spirit to soar and your creative heart to lead.

Forever Friend - Holland

“I know what love is and it is friendship, set afire.” - Waylon Lewis

Holland is one of my favorite places in the world. I love the beautiful, inquisitive, active, and poetic nature of the culture. I led several Mindful Goal Setting workshops in Amsterdam in 2016, and always walked away inspired by the participants and their willingness to dive deep into who they are truly capable of being. One of my best friends from college lives in Leiderdorp, where I visit often. Our friendship always reminds me what authentic sisterhood is. We unapologetically love one another with great devotion and acceptance -- her friendship, along with my other college sisters, are some of the greatest relationships of my life. They are my forever friends, and no matter where my free spirit leads me in the world, I know I have an army of love behind me.

What is a Forever Friend?

A Forever Friend accepts you for you. Exactly as you are.

A Forever Friend reminds you of your brilliance when you find yourself small.

A Forever Friend will tell you like it is when you NEED to hear it, not when you WANT to hear it.

A Forever Friend reminds you of that time you made a fool of yourself when you were 19 just to keep you humble.

A Forever Friend gives without expecting to receive.

A Forever Friend stands by your side regardless of where you are in life.

My wish for you when you wear this message of love is that you are reminded how uniquely wonderful it is to have connections that are even exchanges of respect, honor, admiration, and love. May you and your friends wear them together as a sign of your affection and devotion to one another.

More Love Always - Spain “Camino de Santiago”

I took a few weeks off from my talking tour and walked 116K across the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain, with nothing but a backpack and a walking stick… by MYSELF. I did it as part of a social campaign to raise awareness around Mental Health Issues and to remind those who are suffering they are not alone.There is a saying on the Camino, “Buen Camino,” meaning “Good Way.” It is something each pilgrim walker says to each other as they pass one another. Everywhere I went, this lovely greeting was exchanged and felt. From the various people I met who lived in the villages or people along the way, there was always an effervescent love to greet me. The Camino walk is a spiritual and physical journey that can be very challenging and confronting. There were days I was exhausted and emotionally drained, not wanting to walk, but I knew with every step I was igniting and strengthening my own self-love. There is ALWAYS more love waiting for you…  especially when you ignite it from within.

My wish for when you wear this message of love is that you reconnect to the truth and light within you anytime you feel disempowered, alone, or challenged. The greatest triumph of your life will be loving yourself from the inside out.

Live Your Magic - Portugal

Portugal ignited such an abundance of healing and creative freedom for me.  Spending a month in Portugal provided the space for me to really live out the new parts of me that my journey was inspiring me to explore: my sensitive soul, my empathic and intuitive gifts, the surfer girl within me and my overflowing creative heart. I wrote tons of poetry, surfed for the first time, and fell in love with Mama Ocean. I started my first book and came out of my spiritual closet. It was the part in the journey in which I surrendered to the woman I was begging to affirm in England. I choose to fully embrace who I truly am, and accept her with love and compassion. My shadow and my light. One day sitting on the beach, literally with the beach to myself, I stood up, stood in the water in tree pose, and knew from this moment forward I was devoted to me. My truth. My light and my shadow. I would live here from now on, regardless of what others thought. I gave myself full permission to live my magic. Portugal and it’s vast beauty from every angle inspired me to share mine unapologetically.

My wish for you when wearing this message of love is that you always remember you are a special being with a unique purpose in this life. May you never lose sight or faith in this truth or allow anyone to distract you from it, including yourself.


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