Guided Meditation

Mindful Meditation is a powerful tool to ignite from within all the answers, wisdom, and self-healing you need to live a bold, present and empowered life.

Getting quiet and connecting with the inner wisdom of your body provides new perspectives and a foundation from which to lead life. It serves as a great pathway to assist you in shutting down the logic brain and compassionately training yourself to live more mindfully and presently from your highest state of being.

As humans, we are trained to be easily distracted by auto-pilot living, forward thinking, self-judgement and ancestral noise.

  • Do you ever feel the noise, distraction, and chaos of your day keeps you unaligned from your best self?
  • Does it feel uncomfortable or daunting to break this habit and sit quietly with yourself?

Click below to stream a powerful

"Start Your Day with Purpose"  Meditation!

Created for

I get it. I avoided meditation for a long time.

This was my inspiration behind creating Ignite From Within Guided Meditations: to make meditation easy, accessible, supported and inviting. I wanted to share all that meditation brought to my life with my community, starting with guided meditations.

Establishing a devoted and sacred mindful practice with meditation at its core can offer you:

  • Induced relaxation and reduction of stress
  • Greater focus to manifest your dreams and desires
  • Self-healing and the clarity needed to do so
  • Strengthened self-awareness and compassion
  • Increased self-acceptance
  • Better cardiovascular and immune health

Check out my free and easy “Start Your Day with Purposeful Intention” meditation stream below, and then head over to my iTunes page to explore more of my guided meditations that are more specifically tailored your desires and needs. They will support you as you journey into yourself to ignite all the answers you need to live a creative, bold, and emotionally wealthy life!  

I promise that within the quiet is the gem you are seeking. It’s all within you.

Everything you need to ignite a life you love is ignited from within.

Have a cup of tea and journal with you for after your experience. A great benefit of getting quiet is a stronger connection to your intuition. Intuitive writing after can offer great insight and serves as a catalyst for self-empowerment and growth.

Please make sure to stop by my events page to check out if I am passing through your city or country for an Ignite Meditation Gathering and/or Workshop. Want to book me for your community’s next mindful event or book a 1:1 guided meditation session? Please click here to coordinate.

Happy journeying - I look forward to getting quiet with you.

Shine always,