The Conscious Creative:

The medicine of your craft is YOU.

An integrative self exploration & empowerment journey with Melissa Carter.

The Conscious Creative is a healing experience to ignite from within the answers, wisdom and self-healing next steps you need to unblock yourself creatively. Using the active wisdom of those blocks you will gain the blueprint to be in a stronger relationship with your craft.
A partnership that is mindful, compassionate, and empowered. Most importantly, this workshop will give you the tools to ground in alignment with your vision so you are consistently creating and collaborating in balance and inspiration.

Getting quiet and connecting with the inner wisdom of your body provides new perspective and foundation to lead life from. This journey will serve as a great pathway to assist you in shutting down your outer brain and compassionately beginning to train yourself to live & create more mindfully. This mindful presence will allow you to live from your highest state of being and recognize the unique subtle wisdoms of your energy body and heart.

As humans we are trained to be easily distracted by auto-pilot living, forward thinking, self- judgement and ancestral noise.

This noise creates distraction and inner chaos keeping most people unaligned from their higher self, goals and dreams.  Asking someone to get “quiet” can feel uncomfortable and/or daunting causing many to avoid mindful living and meditation.

Participating in “The Conscious Creative” is the first step to harness that silence. A 90 minute experience offering a safe, supportive environment to make self exploration easy, accessible, and inviting. I hold a high level of healing space for all who participate to get quiet and connect within to the best parts of themselves while also lovingly face the shadowy parts of self with acceptance and curiosity.

Benefits of joining this class:

• 90 minutes of uninterrupted self care and inner connectedness
• walk away with ignited creativity and clarity around the answers you seek
• self permission to rise with your highest state of being as your guide
• new sacred movement exercises to realign with one’s own energy at any time
• discover how to dive into the shadow parts of yourself with compassion and love rather than judgment and avoidance
• a blueprint to work from with daily empowered actions to support you sustaining your current emotional and spiritual work

Participants are encouraged to bring water and a journal as there will be time within each session for a guided intuitive writing session. Intuitive writing after you have created expansiveness can offer great insight and serve as a catalyst for self empowerment as your next step.

Within the quiet is all that you seek.

I look forward to getting quiet with you and your community. Shine always.


Melissa Carter is the founder of "IGNITE WITH MELISSA", LLC. She holds an MBA and is a former music industry corporate executive. Re-igniting herself as a Intuitive Guide, Coach, Energy Reader & Kundalini Reiki Master was like coming home after a long trip away. After years of morbid obesity preventing her from tying her own shoes, depression, addiction, suicidal thinking, failed relationships, and a core belief system of not being "good enough," Melissa embarked on a mind, body and spirit journey that inspired a career, spiritual and life transformation. Melissa recreated her whole life from the inside out. She now pays forward her second chance at life through her Intuitive Guidance practice. Through her three-step approach to life, Melissa is confident that you can transform YOUR life to be anything you want as long as you BELIEVE.COMMIT.LIVE with love, integrity, faith, dedication, and gratitude.

Back in May of 2016, Melissa put her belongings in storage and said goodbye to her life in Brooklyn, NY to take on life as a global digital nomad, Intuitive Guide & Speaker. She has traveled to 14 different countries since then sharing her heart, story and tools she used to transform her life through workshops, blogging, readings, meditation gatherings and talks focused on sustainable self-empowerment and care. She currently splits her time between Miami and New York and is writing her first book. She is committed to Suicide Prevention Advocacy and inspiring as many people as possible to connect with their true value, purpose, creativity and lead from there: LOVE.