"What do you really want from me?"
My heart - your love.

What do you really want from me?

My deeper self - your love.

What do you really want from me?

The parts of me I do not always like - your love.

What do you really want from me?

My soul - your love.

Okay, here is my love… now what do you want from me?

More love please.

This was a conversation I had with my heart the other day in meditation. Not to scare anyone off, but meditation does not always feel delicious or comfortable. I was sitting in silence, allowing the parts of myself that needed my attention to be loved and heard. This conversation was raw, confronting, and left me in tears feeling conflicted and vulnerable. My deeper self gently placed red flags on the parts of me engaged in a game of suffering, reminding me that I had complete control of ending said suffering. I was sitting in an emotional contradiction that only sitting still could clear.


There are times when your ego, or what some school of thought believes is the shadow of self, will try to convince you of ideals, beliefs and traits that are just not true to who you are at your core. These glorious parts of you that have grown dark due to a lack of love are, too, learning how to ask for what they need, how to call in support and compassion. How to say, "Hey out there, I need a hug.” The body knows what the mind can’t process, getting quiet gives you access to this information, to what you truly need.

While meditation is one space for me personally to explore these parts of myself, it’s not always easy and can be upsetting. What I have come to learn about myself and 99.9% of my clients is that being able to sit with yourself - all parts of you - is crucial to self-mastery and radical self-acceptance. Within this acceptance there is no room for judgement or shame, which leaves a pathway of self-compassion and love to be nurtured.

It took me a long time to learn how to get quiet enough to hear what my deeper self needed me to choose to believe as truth in thoughts and then act upon in the physical world.

Creating this connection has been paramount to my practice, and there are five distinct tools I used to foster and sustain it. I share these five tools with you in my complimentary 5-day video series on how to connect with your intuitive brilliance in a sustainable way! By the end of this 5-day experience, it is my hope you will have a better understanding of how to support you heart, truly implanting into the world what it wants for this life. You can grab it here.

So, why am I telling you this, and inviting you to this 5-day challenge?

Because you are your own medicine, and I want you to grab hold of the hero within. He/she is there, asking for your love, and is ready to love you right back. Please allow the space to sit naked with your deeper self. Disarm yourself of what it is supposed to feel and look like. Utilizing the body and tapping into its subtle wisdom is the highest technology service we already own. You are a walking and breathing blueprint of information on how to live an extraordinary life that you have the capacity and capability to live. Sitting naked with yourself, and I am not just talking physically, allows you to hear the truth of what your body is ready to let go of that maybe your brain has not caught on to yet, and likewise what your body is ready to receive that, again, your mind might not realize it has the space for.

Let in the greatness that life’s mysteries has to offer you. You are worthy of feeling the intimacy and clarity of your greatest teacher's wisdom.

That greatest teacher being you.

Love yourself from the inside out. You will suffer a lot less this way.

Hit reply and let me know you signed up for the 5-day challenge! What resonated from today's message? It always feels great hearing from you.

With love,



P.S. - The picture has nothing to to do with this post. It's just really cute cat wallpaper. xo.

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