"Out of Box" Living saved me....


“Out-of-the-box” living means I do my best to live and be seen as my most enlightened self.

A self that delivers the highest return of joy, emotional wealth and love.

I show up as ME.  Authentic, unapologetic me.

For years I boycotted my authentic self, which manifested years of unhappy, unbalanced, and unfulfilled living.

The day I decided to change that, to embrace the woman I was meant to be, was the day I became an agent of change.

You don’t need to be a vegan, wear Mala beads, or wear cut-off motivational t-shirts to be an agent of change (and if you do any or all of those things...that’s great too!)

You don’t need a certain label, certain clothing or a certain following - I promise you.

Although I live a very conscious and mindful life, I have family members and friends who think my Mala beads are an accessory; that my use of words like karma, energetic healing, and chakra is some kind of foreign tongue. BUT, that by no means disqualifies them from being agents of change! It doesn’t mean they love any less than me, feel any less than me, or share fewer goals. These are incredibly powerful, talented beings making great change in this world - even if they never step foot on a yoga mat or chant to Tibetan drums.

My community and I have reached a beautiful place where we invite and celebrate each other’s thoughts and worldviews without judgment. We mutually agree it is a right and responsibility within us all to be agents of change. After all...if the common human goal is to find and share love, why would we let fear and judgment stand in the way of compassion, understanding and respect?

Community, creativity and collaboration - is this the magic equation for bridging societal gaps?

I hope so.

Judgment and fear of judgment is stopping so many connections and conversations from being had. I am guilty of this too. I am scared to share the “woo-woo” side of me (sending this email alone is terrifying), but as an agent of change I acknowledge my fear and proudly hit SEND nonetheless.

I want to inspire more conversations, where like-minded individuals (despite differences in language or beliefs) come together and create.

Conversations that can change the world.

Join me where you are and and I’ll join you where I am - a full-bodied human with ideas and feelings that are sometimes very messy but usually lead me to the most brilliance and clarity. Where do you find your brilliance? Share with me in the comments - I would love to hear from you.  I want to know and UNDERSTAND you.

Community needs  community.

Creativity needs collaboration to truly ignite.

Within each of us is a talent to offer more healing to our world.

Change is healing. Change is love and light. Change is necessary. Change is truth.

We can start where we agree. Change is guaranteed.

So as I sit here, drinking a cinnamon-infused coconut water from my co-working space in Bali listening to the new A Tribe Called Quest album, my desire to make an impact is no less.

I shall be me.

Please be you.

Let’s start here.

Love from here.


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