Hello beautiful ones!

Yesterday I was in Windsor, England with two of my best girlfriends.  We had a proper English breakfast from a nearby Farm (AMAZING), went shopping and stopped for coffee.  The one thing I love about both these woman is they sure know how to TALK .  We talked about everything; reflecting on when we first met, their lives now with children, our careers, our priorities and how they are shifting now that we are getting older. Tears were shared (mostly mine -- no surprise), belly laughs had, and even pockets of sweet silence for each of us to reflect inward deepening our enjoyment of the day. No subject was untouched or feeling & thought left unexplored.

The one thing I noticed with delight, while each of us are in very different places in various areas of our lives the one thing that was solid between the three of us was our support for one another right where we were at.

All day if you were a fly on the wall you would hear things like:

"That would look amazing on you"

"That is so Melissa"

"Yes, you should do this, you are amazing at it"

"Its all working out, it will"

"Thats a great email to get, let's toast"

"Nice buy, Jen -- enjoy it"

"You are such a a great Mother, I am learning a lot from you"

"You are so brilliant Megan, they way you handled that was amazing"

"You are 100% allowed to feel that way"

"You are doing a superb job, keep going"

"It may feel that way but could this feeling be blocking you,  come on now -- stand in your power".

I am so damn grateful to be surrounded by a group of women who innately are RIDE OR DIE beacons of support for one another.  No questioning or projecting...just "OKAY, this is where you are at -- great. I'm in as your friend and Support Squad".

I invite you to look at your Tribe and the way you interact with one another.  Are you RIDE OR DIE in support and love?  Is that unconditional acceptance and gentleness being offered and received?  What can you take ownership of if it is not? I noticed at times I may have felt left out of a conversation about children or families was my own doing.  In these moments where my fear of "falling behind" or lack was being triggered I would ask myself, "Am I unconditionally meeting myself where I am at in these moments"?  This quick reframing allows the experience to shift back to a place of empowerment.  I no longer experience my friends from a place of lack or scarcity cause you better believe they sure aren't experiencing me that way.  By meeting myself where I am at I make room for others to do the same.

Love your TRIBE hard and may they love you back the same way.

Ignite Challenge: Call up a member of your Tribe today and let them know how grateful you are to have such love in your life.  Spread love & gratitude....easy way to connect & heal.  This world sure needs more of that right now.



The picture above was taken of my friend Megan and I in Windsor, England after a a great day of feeding Swans, shopping, coffee by the water and loads of laughing!

Dedicated to Megan & Jen.  Thank you for being who you are as you are and allowing me to do the same. xo.

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