"Thank you for today, Melissa" #heartmushin321....


“Thank you for today, Melissa.”

My loves,

Last Monday, I was running late to Reiki class.

I ran out of the cafe where I was working and asked a nice taxi driver to give me a lift.

In Bali it is cheaper to take a “Scooby” taxi (motorbike) than a car. And to be honest, it’s a ton of fun!

We jumped on and he asked, “Fast or slow?”

Given I was running late (but also knowing that “fast” here means risky tricks and driving on the wrong side of the road), I said “Not too fast and not too slow.” He smiled at me, then proceeded at turtle speed. We both started laughing loudly and playfully, from the belly. I don’t know why we thought it was so funny but we couldn't stop laughing. I forgot I was late and we continued to laugh at each other and at all the people passing him and honking. “Not too fast and not too slow,” he said again. It was exactly the comic relief I needed to settle down - I would get to class on time, and in the meantime could relax and enjoy the ride.

A few moments later the driver said, “Melissa, thank you for today.”

“I have been waiting all day for a customer, and you are my first one.”

“Thank you for today. I will get customers now.”

I could sense him smiling to himself, excited for the rest of his day.

This statement stuck with me all day, and continues to now.

He thanked me for his whole day, just because I asked for what I needed, a simple taxi ride (which turned out to be far more impactful).

It got me thinking…

How often are we stopping and thanking people for the small things? The little moments we mindlessly participate in, but which can leave a lasting impression?

Bali has been a wild ride. Here, I am really present to how often I exchange positivity with those around me. It comes in simple gestures - sharing my meal, offering a tissue or a hug, asking someone their name, offering support or a smile. You never know how small interactions like these will be received by someone else. That Scooby ride cost me no more than $2.00, but for my new friend it set the tone for his entire day.

This morning as I was leaving another friend’s home, one of their house attendants (who I have grown to love) walked me out. She reminded me to enjoy my day, drink water and come back soon. She hugged me and patted my back. Every time she sees me she does this ritual, always with such love in her eyes. Before walking away, I turned to her and said “Thank you for today. You’re the first person to hug me today and I needed that reminder of love - thank you.”

She put her hands together and bowed. My gratitude pleased her beyond words.

Presence creates connection.
Connection creates more love.
This is what it means to be human.

For today — can you take notice of the small things you do for others, as well as what they do for you?

Can you share with others how this impacts your life?

Can you also look in the mirror and do the same for yourself? You deserve that gratitude and self love.

With that said, Support Squad…

Thank YOU for today.

For reading this.

For being here for me, and letting me share my heart with you.

For taking away whatever you do or don’t take away.

For showing up to your life fully human - it inspires me to do the same.

I would love to hear from you. Do you have a moment like this that made you PAUSE and point your internal compass back to gratitude? Hit reply and tell me all about it.

With love,




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