Ozzy - my Portugal best friend.

My loves,

For most of my life I was in hiding. I would not expose how I really felt about things or ask for support/help/love because the idea of being vulnerable was so foreign & icky I stayed far away from it.

As an EXTREMELY sensitive being & intuitive guide I FEEL most of the time.  For the majority of my life this was the one thing I tried to desperately change.  I  hide and ignored who I really was.  An empath.  A sensitive.  An intuitive. A woman with strong spiritual gifts meant to heal and lead.  Once I finally choose to love myself unconditionally without judgement....I found out the thing I always wanted to change was the  most brilliant thing about me.

My intuitive gifts have allowed me to help and heal on a greater scale.  Have deepened my relationships with clients, work, friends and family.  My intuitive gifts have allowed me see the world in a way I had been closed off to because I was scared. Sometimes it's still scary but my life is much larger now grounded in love, abundance, emotional wealth and joy. My community surrounds me like an army with nothing but unconditional love, support and acceptance and because I allow myself to be seen I can finally see all the greatness meant for me.

Is there something about YOU that you are terrified of allowing people to see? Sharing my gifts has not only opened me up to a much larger life -- it has also freed me to feel alive.

Check out my video HERE where I talk about being SEEN for who you really are and why your safe to do so!

My heartfelt invitation to you this week is: BE SEEN with no worries of judgement or abandonment.  Show the world your heart -- it is where you shine!

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Picture taken in Sintra, Portugal at Pais de Grande with my new angel dog bestie who escorts me on my daily 40 min walk to the beach or town center.  He never leaves my side and waits for me when I am at restaurants.  It was very hard to say goodbye.


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